Blessing Delayers

I’m a time waster.

I know what you’re thinking-Facebook.

No, it’s not Facebook. I’ve found that staying out of the loop makes me happy. Especially during this election season. sheesh!

I waste time actively mistrusting God.

It’s a hard thing to admit…but, it’s true.

I love God.

I know He loves me.

I trust Him to save me from my sin.

I have no doubt that I will be with Him in Heaven one day.

But, I don’t trust Him when it comes to working through me in-spite of my weakness.

I don’t trust Him to take care of tomorrow when I don’t know the plan.

I find things I can do in my own strength and settle for easy and obtainable.

These are time wasters and blessing delayers.

When I’m busy doing my own thing God stands back and waits patiently for me to finish or just stop.

He did this with Abraham too.

God told Abraham he’d be the father of many nations and have more offspring than the stars. When it didn’t happen immediately, Abraham got tired of waiting and started making this nation on his own. First, with an heir born in his household; then, through an affair with Sarah’s Egyptian handmaiden, Hagar.

Ishmael was a product of mistrust, a child of the flesh, and a time waster. I know that sounds harsh. He is a child after all; but that doesn’t change the facts. Ishmael delayed God’s blessing to Abraham by 13 years. Why 13? I believe it’s because at 13 years old, Ishmael was a man by Jewish culture. Abraham wanted to fulfill God’s promise on his own so God gave him the space to do so.

Time wasters…blessing delayers.

They can be anything. Even good things.

I waste time living my self-established easy life riddled with doubt while praying that God would do big things in me and through me. What a hypocrite! I recognize it. I vow not to do it anymore. But I do…and I will…but I shouldn’t. And, by God’s grace and though the power of His Holy Spirit, there will be times I won’t.

What are your blessing delayers?

Are there areas in your life that you are having trouble trusting to God or trusting His timing?

What’s holding you back?


  1. I’d never thought about “blessing delayers” but I totally see it now! Trusting God and living in faith always brings blessings, and I want to follow His plan so that I can receive those blessings. May He help me to avoid fear, doubt, and my desire to control my own way, and give me grace to trust completely in Him.

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